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Board Members

Mailing Address:
6971 SW Shad Rd., Terrebonne, OR 97760

Our district is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors who are elected to serve by the people. Board members serve 4-year staggered terms. The Board of Directors are responsible for conducting the affairs of the District in compliance with Oregon Revised Statutes. The Board of Directors has the legislative authority and power to establish policies and procedures that are in the best interest of the residents it serves.

The Board ensures that the District achieves its mission in an ethical, transparent, accountable and prudent manner. Each Board Member is accountable for the functions described below. All of which are accomplished at Board meetings and committee assignments through review of information, strategic planning, conversation and decision making.

Together, the Board makes decisions and sets policy for the District. Individually, Board Members do not have any power, but acting with fellow Board Members have an opportunity to have a positive impact on our community.