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2023 Calls For Service

May contain: fire hydrant, hydrant, fire truck, transportation, truck, vehicle, machine, and wheel

 This table will be updated at the beginning of each month for the prior month's calls. The call types are based on the actual situation that emergency personnel found on the scene when they arrived.

(1) Fires111 01 45 3 0 0 0
(2) Overpressure, Explosion, No Fire0000000 00000
(3) Medical & Rescue484845 40433650 41 42453837
(4) Hazardous Condition1100000 0 0000
(5) Service Call460 5275 2 2632
(6) Good Intent537 8546721162
(7) False Alarm101 000402200
(8) Severe Weather & Natural Disaster000000000000
(9) Special Incidents000000000000
Monthly Call Total6059545351517053516447 41
Year-to-Date Call Total654   
  1. Fires include any structures, vehicles, and vegetation where active fire was found upon arrival.
  2.  Overpressure, Explosion (No Fire) includes any rupture of pipelines carrying stream, gas, or explosions that do not create active fire.
  3. Medical & Rescue inlcudes any calls involving medical care provided, searching for missing people, motor vehicle crashes with and without extrication, water/ice rescues, and technical rescues such as rope rescues.
  4. Hazardous Condition include spills or leaks of combustible or flammable liquids, chemical spills, electrical hazards without fire, building collapse, aircraft accidents, and other hazardous materials responses.
  5. Service Call includes people in distress not requiring medical care, water problems, smoke/odor removal, animal problems, assistance provided to other agencies, and unauthorized burning.
  6. Good Intent includes calls where we are canceled en route, wrong locations, and authorized/controlled burning.
  7. False Alarm includes malicious alarm activations with no emergency found, bomb scares, alarm system/detector malfunction, and accidental fire alarm activations.
  8. Severe Weather & Natural Disasters include earthquake, flood, wind storm, and other disaster response.
  9. Special Incident types include citizen complaints that do not fit within other call types listed above. These are very rare but do happen.