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Address Signs


In an emergency how easy or difficult will it be for emergency personnel to find you?  If you do not have a newer, properly placed emergency address sign, precious time can be lost as we search for your address.  Either style below is acceptable: (White reflective numbers).

May contain: number, symbol, and text

We ask that you drive down your street and take a close look at how visible your sign really is.  Please do this in the dark.  If your sign is difficult for you to see, then it certainly will be for us.

The sign should be visible from both directions.  It should be placed as close as is practical to the street.  If you have more than one driveway, please make certain that the sign is at the primary, and most accessible driveway to you home.

If your sign looks like one of those pictured below, or is damaged, faded, etc., it needs to be replaced.  Replacement signs are available through the fire district for a small fee.

May contain: label, text, number, and symbol


If your address has changed and you have not gotten a new address sign, or if your neighbor's address has changed, but you are not sure about yours, please call or visit the Fire Department during regular business hours.


If you are new to Central Oregon, these green & white emergency address signs may be new to you, but you will see them in all rural areas. They are the required method of posting the address of your property.

If you are building a new home on the Ranch, or purchased property on the Ranch, and there is no address sign, it is important for you to get one (you need to have a driveway to get an address sign). A temporary sign may seem to work fine, but in an emergency, a more visible sign is imperative. Please do not make your own sign. The Fire District provides these signs for a nominal fee. You will need to fill out a request form. They can be can be picked up at the Fire Station during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM.

The cost for an Emergency Address Sign is $25.