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Board forming Civil Service Commission

Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue has recently met the threshold of employees in civil service positions that requires the formation of a Civil Service Commission. The commission is made up of members of the public who volunteer to serve and are selected by the Board of Directors. This commission provides a third-party review of the District’s employment practices and can function as an appeal board for employment matters.

The Board of Directors for Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue is responsible for establishing a three-member Civil Service Commission and is searching for three members of the public to serve on this commission. The ideal candidate for the Civil Service Commission would have a background in personnel management, human resources training, or prior civil service experience.

The Civil Service Commission's primary responsibilities include:

  • Work cooperatively with the Board of Directors and Fire Chief to maintain a current list of all job classifications for positions subject to civil service rules.
  • Oversee proper administration of all civil service exams, maintain current position and promotion lists, and work cooperatively with the Fire Chief to certify qualified candidates  for vacant positions covered by civil service rules.
  • Conduct hearings and investigations related to complaints against civil service rules.

The Civil Service Commission must meet at least once annually per Oregon rules. Commission meetings may be more frequent as vacancies of civil service subject positions occur.

If you would more information regarding the Civil Service Commission for the District please contact the fire station at 541-923-6776.  If you are interested in submitting an application for a Civil Service Commission position an application is available below or at the Fire Station.

Application for the Civil Service Commission