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Outdoor Debris Burning Closes June 1st

No outdoor burning

Beginning June 1st outdoor debris burning will be closed until further notice. During this closure all debris burning is prohibited including pile burning, burn barrels, and use of propane weed burners. This closure is in place for all areas of Jefferson and Deschutes counties protected by Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue.

Recreational campfires are still allowed on private property after sunset on a day-to-day basis. Please call the Burn Information Line at 541-923-4633 to check on burn restrictions before having a campfire. There are no restrictions on barbeque grills, smokers and similar outdoor cooking appliances. Any hot ash or coals need to be disposed of in a non-combustible container and cooled with water.

As we enter fire season we strongly encourage residents to create defensible space around your homes and properties. For recommendations on defensible space please visit Also, sign up for emergency alerts through both Jefferson and Deschutes counties if you live in Crooked River Ranch. You can find links to sign up for both county's alerts at