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Record Number of Calls in 2021

By Harry Ward, Fire Chief

It was a very busy year for Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue. Over the year we had a record number of calls for service. In 2020 we ran a total of 611 calls for service. 406 of those calls were Rescue and Emergency Medical Service calls. This past year, 2021, we ran a total of 627 calls for service, with 468 of those Rescue and Emergency Medical Service calls. The good part about this past year was that the number of Fire calls were down. This is thanks to the community for being fire safe. This next year our plans are to have our annual preparedness open house and other events to give the community the tools you need to keep yourselves and your neighbors safe.

You can find more information about what your fire district did last year by going to our website and looking at our 2021 annual report. In the report you will find lots of pictures and information about our training, programs, staff and much more.

Just a reminder please don’t park in front of the fire station bays, I know that it is a large area but parking in front of the fire station even for a few mins could impede our ability to respond in a timely manner.  If you need to make a phone call you can always pull in our parking lot to make those calls. Also, there is no overnight parking in the Bus stop next to the fire station.

You can learn more about the Fire District and current events on our website, Facebook page, or our Twitter feed. Your Fire Board next virtual board meeting will be February 17th at 6:30. You can go to for information about attending our Virtual meeting.